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Roselle Andaya



My 8-year-old daughter, Iara Andaya, has been under the tutelage of Voice Coach Jojo Acosta, for almost 6 months now (2007). Every voice session with him has been greatly anticipated for by Iara, as every hour spent learning has been made very enjoyable for her. Jojo’s style of teaching is quite unique as he uses tools or kid’s stuff to help drive a point, like for instance, a blow up toy that helps in their breathing exercises. He also allows siblings or relatives of his student to sit in during the sessions as he realizes the importance of quality time, as well as for some kids, the importance of this kind of support to build his students’ confidence.
Iara has grown so much from a shy little angel with a soft voice to a confident little angel with a strong voice — only after barely 6 months under the prowess of Jojo Acosta.
She has still a lot to improve on, still a lot of untapped potential, and I am confident that with the continuous guidance of Jojo, she will achieve her dream to excel in one field she believes she has the gift for — that is — singing.

{Note: Iara is still taking lessons at present (2012) – Jojo}

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