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John Paul Llanillo Romero (JP Romero)

Top 12, The Voice Teens Philippines Season 2 / Team famiLEA


When I started at singing at the age of four, I always wanted to explore different musical techniques, learn more knowledge about music, and push the boundaries of my abilities. Because of this I was one of the lucky artists to be handpicked by Lea Salonga in her team in The Voice Teens S2 making a mark because I sang the visayan iconic song “Usahay”. Despite that, I know that I still have a lot to learn. When I enrolled in Coach Jojo’s music program, I immediately saw the massive improvements because he made me understand some technique that I never thought I could do. Because of his program, I can safely explore new techniques knowing what is healthy or unhealthy to my voice and I can focus on what I need to improve on. Also sir Jojo also gave me the advise to explore being a visayan balladeer and with his guidance I might be able to do so.


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