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Louisa Darr

• Minneapolis-based actress with credits in theatre, film and commercial advertising (digital & print)
• winner of the Best Youth actress, and attendee of Z-Fest awards

Following testimonial is from Charito Darr (Louisa Darr’s mom):


As a parent, it is my responsibility to help my child develop her passions and find joy in them. Our search for voice development for her lead us to Singer Studio with Jojo Acosta. We couldn’t be more grateful to Jojo and the staff for accommodating my daughter’s needs while recognizing her gift as a theater artist and her capacity to be the best singer and actor that she can be. My daughter came out from each session feeling validated not only with her capacity to develop her voice but also to recognize how powerful her voice can be in telling a story. Jojo’s personalized sessions were very thoughtful and right for her. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and passion to so many, Jojo. You help fulfill dreams.


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