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Marija Debelic

Foreign Student / Croatian Actress, Model, Host


Hello everyone. I am Marija Debelic and I am one of the students of Coach Jojo Acosta and I have just to say, that for me online classes with Coach Jojo is the best solution that happened during this pandemic, in 2020, right. Well, of course, since we weren’t able to meet because of the whole situation with the COVID-19 virus, we were able to still have our online vocal lessons. And I am actually very happy because more than six months already we do have online classes and I was able to improve my vocals and train my voice, or the songs that I have, the songs that are about to call, or about to be released. So, thank you so much Coach Jojo Acosta for making this huge effort to have this vocal online sessions with me.

This is transcribed from her video endorsement of Singer Studio, Coach Jojo Acosta.


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