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Melissa Sarmiento 

Singer/Host – Tribe TV show – Net25


When I would listen to my voice a few months ago, my voice before enrolling to Sir Jojo Acosta, I would say to myself, “Hey! I sounded different and I’ve improved so much.” I have been singing ever since I learned how to speak. Sir Jojo Acosta is the best voice teacher I have ever had. He is the only one that went beyond my expectations for a voice teacher. Sir Jojo’s teaching style is customized. He pinpoints your weaknesses and work on it until it’s gone. The techniques he would teach you are those that would be helpful to you, techniques that you really need. He doesn’t only work on your voice but also your emotions in singing, your very own style as a singer, stage performance, the genre that fits you and much more. Also, Sir Jojo is very passionate in teaching, in a way that you would be encouraged to be a better singer. He is very humble considering his background in music. You can talk to him casually and you’ll be surprised because these casual conversations give you so much knowledge in singing. I look forward to every session of voice lessons as much as I look forward to my improvements as a singer.

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