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Gelo Panopio 

Vocalist, Indie Rock Band


This was the first time that I actually sought the help of a vocal coach. I must admit that I was not quite sure about it to begin with because I was not sure if getting formal coaching would help me in my chosen genre: rock. I mean, rock singing doesn’t really require the right technique, right? It’s really all about screaming, growling, reaching really high notes and shouting. Not really what anyone would consider as the “right” way to sing. I can’t imagine Axl Rose, Chris Cornell, Steven Tyler, or even Bamboo going Do-Re-Mis with a voice teacher. Right? But, boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, Kuya Jojo is not your typical voice coach who would force you to sound more like a balladeer or a pop singer the way other vocal coaches do. He has a unique style of making you sound better without making you lose your identity. I immediately noticed the improvement since it became easier for me to sing and I no longer had to worry about not being able to maximize my vocal range and whether or not I would be able to hit the right notes or not. He basically helped me get closer to my goal of reaching my full vocal and performance potential and he was able to do so by speaking in very simple, easy to understand terms. On top of that, he is a really good singer and he can really hit those much coveted high notes with so much ease it’s just unbelievable!!! Truly an inspiration to anyone regardless of your genre. Because of him, I now feel more confident that success is truly “Just a breath away” ;)

Thanks, Kuya Jojo!

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