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Jenny Orlina 

First Runner-Up, Sykes Idol 2009


Coach Jojo can bring out the magic in your music. He has a unique teaching method that is easy to understand. He was our voice mentor in Sykes Idol 2009. I have been part of a few musical plays but performing in a competition is new to me. I must admit I felt inferior with the other contestants. They were all really good! they can hit the high notes with great vocal control. Some of them were even finalists in national TV singing contests. I never expected to bag any prize. I just want to be able to perform my best and enjoy the experience on stage. But with the busy work schedule, I do not have much time to study my songs. So I took seriously my one-on-one session with Coach Jojo that lasted for only a couple of hours. And it was just a day before the finals night! But even in that very short span of time, the result was tremendous. The audience enjoyed my performance and the judges were impressed. I even won first runner-up! Coach Jojo knows his craft, and he has the tools to share it with anyone who is willing and determined to provide total entertainment.

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