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Dada Flores-Doble

Kids for Christ Coordinator, Filinvest Chapter (EB-7), Program Officer
Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program


Music has always been a special part of my life.  Since childhood I enjoyed singing, being a member of the church choir, which I carried on up to the present, as evidenced by my being active in the Couples For Christ (CFC) Music Ministry.  During those times I believed that I can sing, not knowing that I was doing it the wrong way until I met Bro. Jojo Acosta in 2003.  I was tasked by our Chapter Head to be a part of the group that would compete for the yearly CFC competition, through a Music Festival, which I graciously accepted. Bro. Jojo was our group’s voice coach, musical arranger, and choreographer rolled into one.  It is not easy to be under the guidance and supervision of Bro. Jojo.  He is strict and frank.  He will say what he wants to say and always means business when he coaches.  He does not settle for good because he wants always the best in every performance. For Bro. Jojo a performer should always treat each practice and rehearsal as actual performance – this means giving your all and your best! I learned so many things from Bro. Jojo … from proper breathing, to proper posture and projection, good diction, coping up with stage fright, even giving my best smile, and most importantly building confidence not only on stage but in real life. If there is one thing that I salute Bro. Jojo for, it is his guiding principle in life – serving God first, then his family, and his community, the Couples for Christ!  He does not give up easily – if you are giving up on yourself, not Bro. Jojo.  He is ever willing and determined to bring out the best in you and improve your craft. Three words to describe Bro. Jojo – a Christian, a Mentor, and a Friend!

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