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Carmela Arreola 

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, Lower School, Miriam College Grade School, SY 2010-2011


This year, Miriam College Grade School embarked on a very big project – a school production of an original play entitled “Ang Mahiwagang Pakikipagsapalaran ni Mariya: Isang Pambatang Rock Opera” by noted film maker/ playwright Khavn De La Cruz. It was a very ambitious idea to cast more than a hundred students who were neophytes on stage but the leads were more than happy to get assistance from veteran voice coach, Mr. Jojo Acosta during lunch breaks. He was very patient and considerate of their needs. In fact they enjoyed the sessions so much that they forgot their next class. I guess what sets him apart from the rest of other music teachers is his passion and innate ability to make his students discover for themselves their full potential in a very positive learning environment. That is what a true coach does! Thank you for assisting us in making the play a HUGE success!!

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