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Amy Silbasa 

Sykes Idol 2009


As the Sykes Idol – Season 3 winner, I’d like to express gratitude to those who helped me perform well.. Big thanks to Sir Jojo for contributing such help. A day before the contest, I had a quick voice lesson with Sir Jojo and that was such of great help >> proper balance, proper gesture on stage, how to sing the verses of my songs properly, and communicate well with the audience: all of these were refreshed to me by Sir Jojo for real quick :).. I’ve learned it quickly and applied it on stage.. then boom! I had fun on stage. Thanks, Sir Jo.. Please continue to inspire each and every aspiring singer to continue to embrace the world of music.. God bless you Sir Jo. 

One of my videos (Didn’t We Almost Have It All) is featured in Mr. Jojo Acosta’s website, he is my voice coach and one of the best voice coaches in the Philippine music industry. This is a free endorsement ha heheh as i have been coached by him, I am proud to brag about him. Wherever you are in the Philippines or in the world, if you wanna learn how to sing your hearts out in the right way, whether you’re young or old, if you lack confidence but has passion to sing, take a lesson! si Si teacher Jojo bahala sa inyo hehe. Check his site out and LEARN and be inspired with the testimonies of the different celebrities who became his students. 


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