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Arlyne Ruz Acosta

Assistant Directress
Center for Childhood Education, Inc.
17th year in education


Teacher Jojo is on a wonderful journey of teaching (and learning)! I know this because I’ve been on the ride with him.

Kuya Jojo (my husband’s eldest brother) and I usually have animated discussions about teaching over coffee (or tea) after Sunday dinner at my in-laws. Kuya Jojo would happily share about his different students and how he would adjust to their style of learning. At times, he would ask my opinion on how to handle certain students given their young age and my experience in teaching children. His use of “Learning Styles” in teaching students how to sing came naturally to him, thus, the country’s first “customized voice lessons” came about.

When it finally crossed my mind to actually take voice lessons with him, I must admit that I got a few chuckles from some family and friends. However, the Acosta clan, and especially kuya Jojo were more than supportive. I wanted to learn something new, something for myself. I wanted to learn how to sing!

As a preschool teacher, I would sing during Circle Time at school. My students seemed to enjoy Circle Time as much as I did, so I figured I was an okay singer. As a member of the music ministry of Couples of Christ, I sing confidently only if I am with other members of the ministry.

So there I was on my first day with kuya Jojo at his Filinvest Studio. I know now that we were both excited about my first session with him because as he taught he would actually ask me in between lessons what I thought about his teaching technique, if I felt that it was right for me. Likewise, every so often I would verbally express my amazement about the fact that there was actually a lot to learn about proper singing. Needless to say, after my session I was looking forward to the next one.

Being the “analytical learner” that I am, kuya Jojo has intentionally bombarded my sessions with theory after theory. I have yet to really sing a whole song in any of my sessions, but what I have learned with him, I have began applying in school and during our community’s worship.

What makes Jojo Acosta an excellent teacher? He observes his students and then studies and plans for each one of us. He is a tireless learner, always reading and researching on how to be a better teacher. His passion for his mission makes him a very effective teacher and truly with him – anyone can sing!

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