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Ronald Comparativo

“I feel so privileged being a student of Sir Jojo. I see him as my mentor and a great friend. Each session with him is well spent. And also he always make all sessions as enjoyable as possible.

He knows my needs and understands my goals in singing. I really noticed big improvements with my voice because lessons are customized for me. I can attest to this because there’s this one incident when I sang at a Karaoke with my friends who didn’t know I take lessons. They were all surprised that I can sing very well! I was also surprised to myself because that time we were all tired from work and I still can manage to sing that good. We were shouting all night but with one exception I used those techniques Sir Jojo taught me when we were singing our hearts out. And on the following day my voice didn’t even get cranky.

I super recommend customized vocal lessons because we each have our own preferences and Sir Jojo can lead us to a straight path to vocal success.”

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