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Russell Brown

Professional, Boyfriend of Jessie De Castro


Our Singer Studio Experience; First time I heard Jessie sing it was obvious she possessed a maganda, natural singing voice. No training at all, just singing when she can on videoke. Jessie told me how she dreamed to sing but she was very shy and not confident in her talent to perform in public. Encouraging her that she has the talent. If you’re determined then lets look for a voice try some lessons and see where that may lead. Well Jessie was shy and concerned to try a voice coach. So in secret I searched online and found Singer Studio & Jojo Acosta. Jessie was still nervous so I called Jojo and asked if we can visit him at his studio in Quezon to talk & hopefully put Jessie at ease with the prospect of a voice coach. Jojo kindly gave us his time to discuss his individually “Customized” program. Jojo explained how he will help with singing techniques along with mentoring Jessie with her confidence. Jessie was pleased so we decided to go for it ! Jess started her lessons the next week. It was great Jojo allowed me to sit in on the first 2 lessons. Jojo made Jess feel at ease straight away so she can relax and focus on her study. Firstly, studying the tools & techniques  to ” Unleash” her potential voice. Wow!  Straight away after the first few lessons the difference was noticeable. Jojo advised Jess that she will need to be disciplined and work hard to achieve the best results. So Jess worked hard at home also. Jess was so happy we decided to continue with more lessons. Jojo was very supportive & started teaching Jess how to choose & perfect songs that suited her style. “Jessie’s Style” in his words. Love that. The last lesson I attended,  I heard Jessie singing her song ..It was amazing, how professional she sounded. Coach Jojo has “released” Jessie’s singing talent along with giving her the tools to be confident in her ability. Jessie always comments to me how much fun her lessons are with Jojo, they have a great re pore now. When Jess started voice lessons, we just wanted to give it a try and see where it may take Jessie. Now, I feel Jess can take up a career in singing if that is her wish. Step by step, with Jojo  mentoring anything is possible. I am very excited for the future. Soon Jessie will professionally record, with Jojo assisting, her first song. WOW! Jessie will continue her lessons with singer studio as there is more to learn…Singer studio and coach Jojo Acosta create a fantastic environment to learn the art of singing & performing. Maraming Salamat Po.

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