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Joel Cruz

Karaoke World Champion


As a singer I have one purpose and that is to glorify God, who is the Giver of my gift. This also means showing excellence. My training at the SingerStudio with Sir Jojo Ponferada Acosta brings out the best in me, into becoming a world class performer. The coaching, aside from developing proper technique, emphasizes on the importance of proper diction, enunciation, and projection to convey the meaning of the song. This helps to set me apart from the crowd, because I want to tell the story within the song, to inspire others, and to move their hearts in the lyrics. This isn’t achieved overnight, which is why I value every detail that I learn from Coach Jojo.

He not just my mentor, but also my motivator. With such a supportive coach who believes in me, the dream has become a goal that we are striving for together. When my competition comes, both of us trust that God would see our work that is dedicated for Him. Our labor is not in vain. Coach Jojo is as God-given as my voice is, and if you have an opportunity to journey with him I encourage you to take the time to train and follow your dreams too.

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