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Maverrie C. A. Zuberer

Grew up in Switzerland, now in Quezon City teaching the German language


To sing is for each and everyone who can sing and love to sing, a very nice leisure time activity.

For me, singing is a personal testimony from my soul. When I sing, I can feel deep emotions and feelings and overfall to my own world. Sometimes it’s like I’m on drugs. Indescribable.

Everyone who knows what I’m talking about will chuckle right now.

I love to sing and it makes me happy. I want to sing for the rest of my life. Always and everywhere.

I have the rhythm and sing also in my head, so that no one can hear or see it.

I am 24 years old and never took singing lessons before. I feel good in my singing and I feel okay in what I’ve taught myself. But then I discovered the SingerStudio of Jojo Acosta. I was curious and researched about the studio. I watched some interviews and had a look at the fanpage of SingerStudio. I contacted the studio because it was symphatic and it seemed serious.  

I am a choosy person and was convinced by the clear statement that they want you to feel comfortable in your singing. Right away I was scheduled for my lessons. I was very excited and super curious. The studio in Kamias [has now transferred to Katipunan – admin] was very cute, friendly and it has an aircon, I really felt welcome in his place.

The first lesson was the moment of truth. I was impressed how he was able to find out how my singing was. I only sang about 30 seconds and he already read me. He already knew what to do with me and how to make me a better singer. I am very thankful that I made a right decision with Jojo Acosta. Each and every lesson I learned more and more and had a different singing, a better one than before.

What I love about the method of teacher Jojo is, how he adjusts it to each and every students. Like me. He motivates you and gives you power and faith. I can feel the passion of what he is doing. It’s an infectious enthusiasm with positive energy. I wish I have lessons everyday with him just to share my passion of singing with him.
After the fifth lesson a lot of things changed about my singing. I discovered a different level in my singing. I sang with my whole body and not just with my lungs, mouth, and head. I expressed myself more powerfully, loudly, and strongly. And I felt good. Very good.

I hear myself and realized that everything has changed and I only just had the ninth or tenth lesson. That’s why I felt comfortable. I wanted to learn more and more and more. I want to be a better singer.   

I encourage other people to join the SingerStudio and show them a nice place where they can grow in their musical talent and feel comfortable and powerful with their passion.

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