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John Ivan A. Aquino

WCOPA 2016 Silver Medalist (18-24 Open Vocals Category)


SingerStudio has been very successful in honing me and my talent for a very short period of time. Imagine Coach Jojo combining all his techniques in a short span of time, but he successfully delivers everything for me. The result, still a good finish at the 2016 World Championships of Performing Arts placing a Silver finish at the 18-24 Open Vocals Category. I can’t thank him enough for teaching me all the exercises which I was able to use before and after performing on stage. All went well, thanks to his impeccable way of teaching such singing techniques. I really intend to continue my vocal training with him after I finish my tedious school year. I would highly recommend him, 100%! He’s not just a good vocal teacher, he’s also a great company. Be a real champion, join us at Singer Studio! ?

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