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Christopher D. Sante


I have been attending voice lessons since I was 8 years old. During that time, I can sing anything. I did not have a hard time with regards to singing, even high notes. But when I started to reach adolescent age, there were changes in my voice. I also started to have difficulty in singing high notes as my voice range change. It was then I felt uncomfortable in singing but good thing my parents was able to come across in the web, Sir Jojo Acosta’ s unique ad and that is, “customized voice lessons.” My parents believe so, even before meeting him personally, that Sir Jojo might be the answer to our prayer with regards to my problems in singing. With my previous voice mentors, perhaps, I have been accustomed to singing only high notes and was not taught the appropriate voice techniques…

And true enough, Sir Jojo is heaven sent for me. We are indeed thankful to God for having found him, if I could say, in the right time I needed a boost or more than so, the right person to guide me in my singing career.

Training with Sir Jojo has brought my confidence back in singing. I have been under his mentorship for just less than a year but he has helped me how it is to be comfortable in singing. I have learned to appreciate singing anything of any range, not only high notes. Through his customized voice lessons, I have also found myself not relying anymore on minus one CD’s for background but even better, to play the musical background of the song that I want to sing through playing the piano.

It has only begun. I know my journey in my singing career with Sir Jojo will still have a long way to go but I am excited for what I will discover and learn more in the future with him as my “voice angel and mentor!”

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