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Carlo Gonzalez

Singerstudio’s personal approach in honing the talents of its pupils is one of the reasons that got me interested to enroll and pursue its singing classes. Sir Jojo Acosta is a brilliant master of the art whose patience, persistence and passion in imparting his innate knowledge to the craft make an eminent building block for success for his scholars. Step by step progression in understanding and identifying the ingredients to enhance ones’ musical inclination is key for a student to refine their singing ability. This is what the 10-day curriculum that I signed up for has equipped me with and I must say, the techniques and exercises that I learned from the said program has helped me to drastically improve on certain points that has impeded my advancement as an artist. In addition to that, Singerstudio has adjusted its teaching method to fit my vocal style for me to be able focus on the factors that demanded more attention. Also, It does not hurt to have a very light and casual atmosphere that Sir Jojo has set during sessions which aids the quick and substantial progress of his subjects. Ultimately, Singerstudio is an efficient and enjoyable learning environment that caters to every artist’s demand. I am truly proud to be a product of Singerstudio! 

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