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Ayesha Pantig

Registered Nurse

10 sessions are over but i still want MORE. Classes with Sir Jojo has always been fun for me that i named every session a cant-get-enough- class. Each session is just so fun that you’re left asking for more . indeed, Music has always been a gum in my life and i never thought that this gum could still stick with an added mighty bond( you get the idea) the moment i joined singerstudio. The techniques used for the vocal coaching are highly customized, methods and the approach are impeccably mastered that fits the need of each student ,but the best thing is sir jojo teaches with an overwhelming energy, its so much that even if youre in a slump on a day , you can get infected by his energetic disease and push you to do even better. With only Ten sessions, i can say there’s something that’s changing in me, its not only the intricate technicalities of singing the “right” way, but also the pull in having more fun with music ,being comfortable at your own skin, and bringing out the natural “you” in every song you’re singing. Its been the best workshop ive ever received. Hats off to you sir jojo and singerstudio for providing students like me all the best vocal coaching we could ever get. You know that even if im moving to baguio anytime soon that doesn’t stop me to come down to manila just to get coaching from you. The effort for it is so worth it. Thanks sir jojo and ill anticipate great things to come from you and more power to singerstudio!

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