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Augusto R. Evacula II

Singer, Songwriter


My experience in Singerstudio can be described in one word…. “Phenomenal”. For the longest years, I always thought that there is only 1 way of doing things particularly in singing….. “The right way”. Coach Jojo Acosta’s customized lessons reminded and refreshed me of the most important fundamental truth: “that the instrument behind the human voice is the human body”. In this case, the right way is not always the best way because the human body is subject to its own comfort, uniqueness, and physical attributes. Coach Jojo’s customized lessons gave me the opportunity and the idea how to maximize my talents and what works best for me. It made me more relaxed in my performances. It made me more confident with my skills as a singer songwriter. And most especially it gave me a better sound. No wonder if you Google search who’s the best vocal coach in the country is…. 1st on the list is Jojo Acosta.

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