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Allan Elgar

True Faith (Guitarist)


I am very thankful to Jojo for encouraging me to go on this journey of discovering my own voice. I have been a professional guitarist for many years now and I have comfortably embraced my role as a guitarist for some of the best singers in our music business that I never envisioned myself to actually sing in front of an audience. I can actually carry a tune during videoke parties but Jojo came to me with the idea that I can actually learn to really sing. To date, we are at the early part of my journey and Jojo has allowed me to discover what I can actually do with my voice. His approach to teaching is very accommodating and not rigid that he allows you to discover your own strengths and instinctively build your confidence. Aside from the vocal exercises and guidance in proper form and posture, he has provided me with the tools or techniques that I can latch on to further enhance the quality of my voice. These helpful tools are like scaffoldings that you step up and build on as you go higher and higher in your project. Looking forward to the next session that would bring me closer to the realization that I can begin to sing my own songs. 

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