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Coach Jojo Acosta on the viral ‘female-high-voice’ Kevin Traqueña

Asked by the Philippines GTV’s ‘Dapat Alam Mo!’, Coach Jojo Acosta said that Kevin Traqueña is a countertenor — a rare male vocal type that can sing the pitch range of the female vocal type soprano and mezzo soprano. “Kevin won’t have a hard time singing [that range], it’s normal for him”, Coach Jojo uttered. “If you forced singing [on that range, but you can’t], you’re going to have a problem with your voice, easily get tired, or voice breaks and destroyed,” he added.

‘Dapat Alam Mo!’ is GTV’s newest news magazine program.

Full video:
Lalaking boses babae, panalo pagdating sa pag-birit! | Dapat Alam Mo!

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