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Z Sumbillo wins bronze at the 2020-2021 Canadian International Music Competition

The 9-year old Z Sumbillo bags the third prize at the recent Canadian International Music Competition (CIMC) online, under the category ‘Rising Star’. CIMC President Hellyer Chan, PhD, MD recognized Z’s outstanding music performance with the certificate shown below.

Z Sumbillo is a young Filipina student at Miriam College. She met Coach Jojo Acosta when she was 7 years old, and trained with the Singer Studio since. Z is handicapped at that time – lacks two front teeth – but with perseverance and willingness to do what it takes, she won first prize at a Songfest competition, joined by 30 participants, organized by Miriam College! She then was picked as guest singer in a Grade Three Singing Competition. Last month, she rendered a Christmas Song in French language for the entire Miriam College.

Check out Z’s testament here.

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