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Singer Studio: A Voice Heard Around the World

People from around the world – London, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Ireland, Japan, US, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Australia – are flying over to the Philippines to get top-notch voice lessons at Coach Jojo Acosta’s Singer Studio.

Singer Studio, the Philippines’ first to offer customized voice lessons, is dedicated for students and aficionados of singing and voice development.

Since 1986, Coach Jojo has helped individuals and chorale groups discover and unleash their true potential – from beginners, hobbyists, professionals, to country’s top musicians and celebrities, among which are prize-winning talents at various singing competitions around the world.

To know more about how Singer Studio and Coach Jojo Acosta can help you, connect with us here.

Singer Studio Visiting Students

Coach Jojo Acosta himself with Alessandra (Singapore)
Laura (London)
Cass (Ireland)
Ronald (USA)
Mario (Korea)
Louisa (USA)
Naela (Singapore)
Beauty Queen Kathleen Paton (Australia)
Angelo (New Zealand)
Aleshani (USA)
Andrew (USA)
Doug (Hongkong)
Ryo (Japan)
Selin (London)
Cassilyn (USA)
Mia (Australia)
Bernard (Malaysia)

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