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JAZZ 1337: A Night of Good Music with the Elites


Hello, Class! Our lesson for today is Terminology.  Remember that 1337 = Leet, or is the slang for Elite. Got that? Great!

The SingerStudio proudly presents the JAZZ 1337. It’s not quite Jazz. Maybe postmodern jukebox. Definitely, good music. A production of finest artists such as Dessa, Rannie Raymundo, Madz Johnson, with special guests Rivermaya, Joyce Pring, Darryl Shy, and Kristina Louise.

It’s happening at Music Museum on March 28th, 7PM. Save the date! See you.

For more details, visit the JAZZ 1337 fanpage or contact 09175404118.

UPDATE: Click here to view the JAZZ 1337 photo gallery.



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