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Yeyette San Luis

I first met Jojo in 1987 as our choir master in Sto. Domingo Church. I’ve not seen him for about ten years. When we met again and learned that he’s into voice coaching, I asked to be voice coached by him.

Jojo has changed a lot in his way of teaching/coaching. He has a way of letting the student understand easily the concepts or techinques he is teaching by using terms that are easy to understand (sometimes funny also) and by letting the student visualize what he wants to teach. I think that’s very important… allowing the integration of the mind the heart and the body in singing, not just having a good voice. What I also like in his coaching is how I learned (and continue to learn) to sing comfortably, unlike in other voice classes I’ve attended. I’m enjoying my singing now more than ever and when some friends heard me sing, they also recognized the change in my singing/my voice. Thank you Jo, and I look forward to our project.

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