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Ryan and Kristine Tani

One Saturday afternoon I went with my girlfriend to take voice lessons. I’ve always loved music, but I’d always thought I sang well enough that I didn’t need someone to teach me. Until I took a lesson from Jojo Acosta.

During our first lesson we couldn’t stop laughing. Throughout the session he would make jokes and tell stories that kept the mood light and fun. This helped my girlfriend, who’s usually shy around strangers, to get comfortable and participate.

The exercises were fun and simple, and Jojo always makes it a point to explain the theory behind it in a simple, understandable way.

After a couple of sessions, we got used to the exercises, or maybe the exercises got used to us — Jojo customized our lessons so we never got stressed or bored. And we always had fun.

But the most important thing was with every session, even with every exercise, singing got a lot easier. Jojo taught us how to sing naturally, effortlessly. We often surprised ourselves by how well we could sing.

So if you want to sing well, do give Jojo’s voice lessons a try. As he always says, good singing is just a breath away.


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