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Precious Allego



I walked into Singer Studio simply aspiring to pass an audition, and I did. There is a richer experience during the sessions than just passing or getting the role I am dying for. It is in discovering my niche in the performing arts and setting the passion afire once again. This was made possible under Coach Jojo’s mentoring. He is dedicated to ensure improvement in his students through a meticulous teaching approach. Yes, meticulous but not scary, I am confident to let him handle my kids’ voice training, too.  The journey may still be long but I know, I was never late. Age doesn’t matter, di ba Coach? 

Coach Jojo is technically skilled in developing one’s voice. He has gone passionate in teaching the fundamentals that are suitable for all ages. The methods were founded on the discipline s of music but can be applied to your choice of genre, thus, making each session exciting. There is no dull moment while learning. It is all worth it.

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