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Norby David

Theater Actor, Overtone (Bassist/Co-Vocalist), Rivermaya (Former Bassist/Co-Vocalist)


Vocal strain is usually a sign of wrong technique. Elixirs and embrocations may relieve the discomfort. Some may even numb the pain, but it only remedies the result and not the cause.

Pain/discomfort, like anywhere in the body, is a sign that there is something wrong. If you numb the pain you will continue to put strain on your voice without even noticing, which could result to more grave and possibly permanent damage.

Proper vocal health and technique is the key.

As a singer, I perform 5 nights a week. I do an average of 25 songs every show and yet the following day, my voice is ready to take on the next performance. I have done shows one night, then hopped on a plane the following morning, running on 2 hours of sleep (if I’m lucky) and performing that same night. My voice has not failed me.

I have not needed any Chinese elixirs or over-the-counter remedies since 2012. That is the year I met Coach Jojo. He has taught me everything I know about singing. Like an athlete, he keeps me in shape with regular stretching and training. My range has vastly expanded, my stamina has improved, and I continue to learn from him as he continues to keep me in proper singing form.

Thank you so much Coach! I promise to continue my vocal journey with you and represent you as best as I can as a product of Singer Studio.

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