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JR Carandang


Broadway Singing

Singing has not been something I’m really into, I’ve always been afraid of singing with the fear of just embarrassing myself in front of many people. I didn’t know why but I was jealous of some people who I know didn’t really know how to sing but could get out a good sound out of them. It was actually for a school presentation, and it turns out it was one of my favorite musicals, “Les Miserables”. This led me to want to do my best, knowing I’m in good company with my classmates and at the same time having a renowned voice coach like Tito Jojo. But of course I still had the fear in me.

At first I tried as the role of Enjolras but couldn’t get his pitch, luckily my friend PJ stepped down as Javert because he was discouraged of the competition for the role. Then I realized I had a chance to be the role I’ve always wanted, so I got the role of Javert, right then and there, I’ve gained the confidence which really helped me through my development. Tito Jojo, would always say, “Widen your mouth”, “Put your feet apart but not too far”, “Check your posture so that you can bring out the voice in you”. Those were only some of the simple yet reliably effective techniques he taught me. Tito Jojo would do this so that I could release a better sound, for my voice to be relaxed and sound smooth and not forced. But most of all he taught me ever since that Singing is breathing and I would say that it’s very well true. Breathing got me to release a bigger and clearer sound, this not only boosted my confidence but the way I performed. Teachers would compliment me then of my performance saying that “Carandang is a good actor and singer” with me remembering deep inside that it’s also because of Tito Jojo.

Tito Jojo would have our weekly practice and though at some points I would lose my voice of exhaustion from practices, Tito Jojo still manages to help me improve myself. Again, he would say those few reminders, “feet in line with shoulders”, “tongue behind lower front teeth”, “Straight back” and “ Smile”, and like always, to kept my voice in a great sound. Performance day came and I felt nonetheless confident, all the practice we’ve put in through for months is about to pay off. No shaking or shivering, no stomach aches or tensions, just confidence because I knew I was prepared. Midway throughout the day, it was my part to sing “Stars”, I felt so relaxed and thought of all the techniques and I’d say it went well, except the part of my mistake in the lyrics, but nevertheless I did it and nobody noticed it because I just went on. The play ended and everyone was glad and rejoicing, I prepared my self to go home and as I went down the stairs my teacher saw me and said “Carandang you were great up in the stage”, I thanked my teacher and went home feeling blessed and feeling the relief of having the play done.

All in all, having to sing broad way was a great experience, it opened my eyes not just to singing but acting and performing amongst people as well. It made me realize a side of me that was just waiting deep inside to open up. I would be more than honored to Thank You Tito Jojo, for your teachings and support. Thank You for helping me become a better stage performer and to win the remarks and the admirations of my teachers. Thank you for your patience and time to help me grow and develop. May this be only a beginning to a chance to develop with your teaching., Thank You and God Bless Tito Jojo.

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