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Jo Puangco 


Singing has always been part of my life, sa baga first love ko to. But over the years my musical taste has changed from genre to genre and currently I am working on my own style. Last January, I encountered a big bump on my road to success, I injured my voice due to poor singing technique and excessive shouting. I had my vocal folds checked by ENT specialists and they recommended that I take voice therapy. I immediately called Sir Jo to see what we can do about it. As soon as I got the medical clearance from my Doctor we started sith sir Jo’s singing voice/ speech therapy. After almost 2 months of therapy I feel that my voice is getting better and better. The best thing about Sir Jo’s method of therapy is that he makes sure that you are doing what you have to do and you are doing it right. I am confident that soon my voice will be back to normal.

Thanks Sir Jo! And make way for the return of the KID.

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