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Jason Lindo



I have a passion for music. I loved the art of singing but the problem was I had no confidence in my voice and I felt I was doing something wrong with my singing. I was straining a lot and my voice sounded so nasal and weak. That was when I thought I needed a vocal coach to teach me how to sing properly. I searched online for a couple of places where I can have my voice lessons and that’s where I stumbled upon SingerStudio PH and Coach Jojo. I’ve seen the reviews and I thought that it was a good place to learn about how to sing properly and what do you know. I was right about my assumption! As soon as the second session I’ve seen improvement towards my voice and in how I sing. I’ve learned that I didn’t use the full capability of my voice and it was Coach Jojo that made me aware as well as helped me unlock that full capability in my voice, and now after my 10th session, I can rightfully say that Coach Jojo helped me tremendously in how I sing and even on how I use my voice on a daily basis. I fully recommend aspiring singers in to taking Coach Jojo’s sessions especially because his sessions will be custom-tailored for you and he will help you find the your full potential as a singer.

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