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Gwyneth Dorado

Asia’s Got Talent Finalist

I am so lucky to have Excellent Coaches, and one of them is Coach Jojo Acosta, who is currently my Voice Trainer. One of his lesson I like most is the Vocal Techniques in singing.

Before, when I sing a lot of songs continuously, I got tired easily, maybe because I was not doing it properly. Then Coach Jojo taught me how to sing using my voice more gently and not straining my voice. He even taught me how to sing and dance without gasping my breath. It helped me a lot on my performances. The best thing about him is that he asked me if I am comfortable with the technique, and if not, he’ll find another way to make it easier for me to do it. His customized approached allows me to improve more quickly. I am even more confident to sing now using the principles he taught me. He said “There are still a lot more of vocal techniques I need to know”. And I am so excited to learn more and apply it also on my future singing endeavour. In addition, he is also a nice and funny Coach which I enjoyed much during our tutorial, for me not to get bored easily on my voice lesson.

And being the Official Endorser of Singer Studio, I thank you very much Coach Jojo for this opportunity. Looking forward for more Vocal Lessons.

You’re the Best Coach Jojo Acosta!

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