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Grandmother of Gabby Jacinto

It was just by chance , that I came to know that the village has a voice studio and immediately I made an arrangement for a schedule for my grandchild , Gabby. And thinking , that at age 9 , it was the best time to develop her voice. Teacher Jojo told her that they will hold a summer recital and that she might be included and that was the magic word. I told her my wish for her is to develop her voice only on broadway songs and after watching the movie at that time which was ‘Les Miserebles’ , I told her to prepare the song titled ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ in preparation for the recital and I knew from the start that her voice teacher will be able to coach her the way I wanted her to learn. From the clear diction to whatever pitch she was able to learn was really so fast and amazing. I told her the secret is simply discipline , dedication and passion for her to achieve her dream. She can only spare once a week lesson and only less than a year , I would say that she has improved tremendously and I am so happy with how teacher Jojo has developed her talent. She loves to entertain the whole family with confidence and enjoys the compliments that she gets every time they say that she has gone a long way even for just a short while and that the way she delivers a song only goes to show that she had the right coaching from the start.

And that is where I tell them that she’s very lucky that she was handled by a very good teacher. Thank you Teacher Jojo for your patience and effort and being a part of Gabby’s dream to become a good singer.

Photo: Gabby Jacinto

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