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Gem Martinez 

Mom of Vianca Grace


I especially thank Coach Jojo Ponferrada Acosta for enhancing the quality of her voice and her singing. I listen to her now and I’m amazed at how you had helped her bring out the best out of her talent. And what amazes me more is that she can sing challenging songs for hours without straining her vocal chords – now, that’s the technique I never knew was possible. Thank you for being not only her vocal coach, but also her friend and to borrow her own words, “like a dad who is not only encouraging but taught her, foremost, to be disciplined”. Your passion in music has really rubbed off on her. Now, she wants you to teach her drums as well…LOL! She said while she’s here in the Philippines, she wouldn’t want any other vocal coach but you. I tell you sir, having you as her coach has been a real good investment! Thank you so very much! 


PHOTO: Vianca Grace Martinez

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