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Ammyblaire Gecana

Former Radio Disk Jockey (Radio DJ) at Cool Radio 100.7


Training with Coach Jojo made me more confident about myself and my singing. I became more comfortable with my voice because he taught me the right techniques that I’ve been missing out on. And it also greatly helps when you know that your coach genuinely believes in you and believes in your capabilities. My sessions with Coach has been very impactful in my life. In fact, there are quotable quotes of his that I will forever remember. They are “singing should never hurt”, “if you can speak, you can sing” and “artists are the strongest people, because they are not afraid to make mistakes”. The first quote made me more observant of my singing and has made me more in control of it. The second quote helps in keeping me going during the days that I doubt myself. The last one is what I hold on to whenever I feel like a failure, it reminds me that I am not. In fact, I am brave. Thank you Coach Jojo! Thank you so much for being a part of my journey.

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