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Alice Tan 

Lector/ Commentator, St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish


Life is a journey, so is the art of music. I enrolled with SingerStudio last summer in order to complement my church service as a lector/ commentator. I have joined choirs in the past and enrolled in a music school, but with Jojo, it’s different, he customizes his lessons; in my once a week voice class with him, I realized that I am now able to sing instinctively, meaning comfortable, naturally, the posture and techniques all internalized. I like Soft Singing the most, using one’s speaking tone and yet able to do right projection and reach the high notes. Jojo imparts the techniques to you so naturally just like chewing your first food as a child. This is also the same when he teaches the musical instrument, lots of patience and he makes the lessons, fun, it’s just like chatting and learning with a friend. It will be almost a year this coming summer and I have enjoyed and learned with Jojo. Thanks Jo!

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