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Alex Edrich Lim

Upcoming Singer

Having voice lessons is really good for every singer out there but the question is, do you think you are under the right coach? I had voice lessons from another coach before I discovered Coach Jojo. I did improve my singing being under that coach but after a few months, I realized that I was not improving any longer. I browsed the internet looking for better coaches and the first website that showed up was Coach Jojo’s. I was really amazed seeing some famous singers being handled by him. So I attended my first lesson and immediately saw some improvements in my singing. Currently, I am almost reaching my 20th session with him and I am really happy with the progress I am having right now! Coach Jojo has taught me a lot of great techniques like proper posture, mouth opening, breathing, and etc. Not only does Coach Jojo teach you voice lessons, but also gives life lessons that you can use to become a successful person. I highly suggest you to book your sessions now and you will really see the massive changes in your singing.

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